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Delphi Healthcare

Delphi Healthcare is a physician owned company, founded in 1995, with expertise in providing staff to meet the needs of rural hospitals and health systems.

Delphi Healthcare has provided hospitalist and emergency medicine provider staffing to hospitals in the Western and Northern New York regions for over 20 years. They are now a multi-specialty provider of physician, physician associate, and nurse practitioner coverage for emergency departments, hospitalist programs, and anesthesia services. Delphi has found success in supporting rural hospitals with recruitment challenges that require creative solutions. They partner with hospitals to design staffing programs that meet their unique needs while also supporting quality improvement initiatives and the goals of stakeholders.

We add value to hospitals by accomplishing the following

Improved Financial Performance

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Decreased Wait Times/Improved Throughput

Improved Core Measure Compliance

Decreased Readmissions

Improved Patient Safety

Individualized Solutions

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: It is our mission to be a regional high quality and cost-effective provider of healthcare services. We develop mutually beneficial partnerships with other healthcare organizations, utilizing local resources to positively impact the healthcare of entire communities

Vision: We collaborate with professionals across multiple specialties to deliver high quality, evidence-based care. Delphi clinicians serve individual partner organizations in a superior manner with a commitment to core values while forming positive and unique relationships with patients, the community, and colleagues.


  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Excellence

Emergency Medicine Scope of Service

The emergency department represents the gateway of the hospital. Emergency medicine clinicians understand the impact of providing quality customer service, meeting various needs while providing leadership and stability within an often chaotic environment. Emergency clinicians are adept at:

  • Prioritization of care to delivery to optimize patient outcomes.
  • Evidence-based evaluation, stabilization, and treatment of patient conditions.
  • Coordination of services to meet higher or alternate levels of care.
  • Coordination of appropriate discharge, including anticipation of outpatient care needs.
  • Appropriately incorporating patients and families in all activities of care, remaining cognizant of individual needs and cultural preferences.

Anesthesia Scope of Service

Anesthesia clinicians safely administer general, local, or regional anesthesia to patients undergoing surgical or nonsurgical procedures in a variety of healthcare settings. Services include:

  • Assessment of patients prior to both emergent and scheduled procedures to identify risk and optimize outcomes.
  • Vigilance in monitoring the patient receiving anesthesia, assuring hemodynamic stability; adjusting administration of medications, fluids, and/or blood products.
  • Oversight of post-anesthesia care. Evaluating and treating patients as indicated assuring safe transition to next appropriate level of care.
  • Consulting with other specialty services (i.e., pain management or palliative care) as requested.
  • Performance of procedures in collaboration with other specialists as requested, (i.e., airway management, lumbar puncture or central line placement).

Hospitalist Scope of Service

Hospitalists communicate with primary care and emergency medicine clinicians, as well as outside referral agents, to assume the care of patients in need of acute inpatient or long term care. The hospitalist team manages the care of patients through:

  • Evidence-based evaluation, stabilization, and treatment of patient conditions.
  • Coordination of team-based and patient-centered care.
  • Consults with other specialists when necessary.
  • Coordination of services required to meet higher or alternate level of care requirements.
  • Coordination of discharge services.
  • Incorporating patients and families in all activities of care, remaining cognizant of individual needs and cultural preferences.

Medical Directors

Delphi Healthcare provides medical directors that are dedicated to helping our hospital partners achieve their mission, vision, and values. We believe that it is essential for both the hospital and our organization to be strategically aligned in order to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Our medical directors are active members of the medical staff and work closely with hospital leadership on initiatives to improve quality of care.

Recruiting Physicians, Physician Associates, and Nurse Practitioners

Delphi Healthcare recruits physicians, physician associates, and nurse practitioners from local and national talent pools. We are committed to having providers on our team that are members of the local community. A local presence allows us to obtain a better understanding of the community’s needs, participate in local events, and contribute to the local economy.

Delphi Healthcare takes pride in developing partnerships that are mutually beneficial and meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Contact us to learn more about our services or speak to a recruiter.

To learn more about hospitalist services

Call us at 585-353-4245

To learn more about physician, PA, NP, and Anesthesia opportunities

Call our recruiter 585-880-1365