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Drug & Alcohol Screening Services
For Rochester & Albany, NY

Drug Screens are Walk-In Only

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before closing time (This is if you do not need any other services and only need a drug-screen).
  • Please come prepared. Drink plenty of water before your collection, but not too much as dilute samples will require a re-test.
  • Be aware that NO CHILDREN are allowed in the drug testing area. Due to the regulated drug testing process, children cannot go into the drug testing bathrooms with you and also cannot be left unsupervised.
doctors in testing lab

When you are checked-in for your drug screen, you will be taken into the clinic.

Once there, you have up to three hours to produce a specimen. If you arrive unable to provide a sample, you will be given four glasses of water and up to three hours. If you do not produce an ample quantity of specimen or if your specimen is outside of the temperature range of the human body, you will be asked to try again, and given the four glasses of water. If you do not produce a viable sample and leave before that 3-hour window, this will be considered a REFUSAL TO TEST.

Randoms Management Program

(DOT and Non-DOT)

DOT/Federal Randoms Program – Per Federal Regulations, you must be enrolled in a random management program if you have drivers driving vehicles over 26,001 pounds.

WorkFit will request an updated driver roster before the start of every Quarter, or you may send in your own roster ahead-of-time as well.

  • Q1 begins January 1st
  • Q2 begins April 1st
  • Q3 begins July 1st
  • Q4 begins October 1st
doctor reading patient chart

Information for the Randoms Management Program

  • If you have a limited number of drivers, you will be added to a large consortium pool.
  • If you have over 20 drivers, or by request, you may have your own standalone pool.
  • You will receive a selection of drivers within the first two weeks of each quarter. You have up until the last day of that quarter to send the driver into any of our WorkFit locations to get the testing done. Please use an authorization form and/or send them in with the random selection letter.
  • Drivers will either be selected for drug screening, or for both drug screening and breath alcohol testing. This is randomly generated by the computer software.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are in a consortium, you may or may not have any drivers selected throughout the entire year, but you are still enrolled in a randoms program and are in compliance with the federal government.
  • WorkFit will provide you with an MIS (Management Information System) Report by March 15th of every year – this documents the testing records showing your compliance for the year.

A DOT physical exam or medical fitness for duty exam is important to ensure not only the safety of the driver but for those who share the road. If your drivers operate in or through the Rochester or Albany, NY areas, rely on WorkFit Medical for drug and alcohol screening. Please see our downloadable forms below to get started.  Contact us for more information.


Drug Screening Panels

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Emergency After Hours Drug Screening

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Drug Screen Resulting Portal Trouble Shooting

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Drug Screen Resulting Portal Logging In

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Drug Screen Randoms Program

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Background Check Authorization

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